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Free Communications Over Free Radio Bands

What's in this site?

  • My homemade antennas for the European Free Bands (without license) covering CB, PMR446, SRD869, WiFi 2.4 GHz
  • My experiments of Long Distance Communications with Low Power Radios (QRP) over CB, PMR446 band, SRD869 band, WiFi 2.4 GHz band up to Infrared, red LED, LASER and... why not, experiments with GPS receiver, with Satellite TV and with solar rays for cooking with Solar Owens
  • Study of homemade antennas with 4nec2 free software
homemade magnetic loop antenna for CB

CB antennas (Citizen Band, 27 MHz, max power 4.5 W = 37 dBm)

I'm radioactive on PMR446 band

What's PMR446?

PMR446 antennas (Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz, max power 500 mW = 27 dBm)

Simulation and study of antennas with 4nec2, radiation diagrams, gain, resonance, impedance, VSWR graphs:

Homemade antennas for PMR446:

radio Alinco DJ-S800

What's SRD869?

SRD869 antennas (SRD band, 869 MHz, max power 5 mW = 7 dBm)

  • stressed dish for SRD (to be done)
becker 7926 gps

GPS (L1 band, 1575.42 MHz)

gsm cellular phone

Directional Antenna GSM (900-1800 MHz band)

  • work in progress
dlink access point

WiFi antennas (ISM band, 2.4 GHz, max power 32 mW = 15 dBm)

  • parabolic dish and homemade feeder for WiFi 24 dBi (work in progress)
  • homemade Yagi antenna, 25 elements (done, missing photos and article)
wifi hiperlan antenna

WiFi HiperLan Antenna (5.47-5.725 GHz band, max power 50 mW = 17  dBm)

  • internet WiFi Hiperlan link (done, missing photos and article)
parabolic dish

Sat TV reception (Ku band, 10.700-12.750 GHz)

  • homemade polarmount (done, missing photos and article)
laser beam

Infrared, Red LED and LASER communications

solar owen

Solar Owens: receiving the Sun's broadcasting (IR, Light, UV, X and Gamma Rays)


Beyond the Solar System: astronomic photograph with a simple digital camera

parabolic microphone

A very directional Microphone with a parabolic dish

pmr446 modifications

Radio Modifications and Manuals

digital radio

Digital modes

  • SSTV
  • PSK31 (done, missing photos and article)
  • Jason (still to be experimented)
  • MT63 (still to be experimented)
  • Hell (still to be experimented)
  • QRSS (still to be experimented)
  • Chip64 (still to be experimented)
  • Argo (still to be experimented)
long distance records with low power radios

My Personal DX

  • CB
  • PMR446
  • SRD869
  • WiFi
  • Infrared

Do It Yourself with electronic

  • Homemade Desulfator
  • my OBDII tool for free (done, missing photos and article)
  • AUTOGAS: my Bigas SGIS-N LPG Sequential Injection System setup (done, missing photos and article)
  • Nuova Elettronica's KITs
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